The Week In Review

The Telwave clone of a StationMaster was finally installed at KI4JPL’s this week. Stil nervous about that much moment hanging above the TH-11 mount on the Hazer. We shall see…

The old commercial tower used by KN4CC finally came down. We used a manlift & all went perfectly, except we somehow managed to sever one phase of the 220VAC line feeding the house! With the lift’s diesel & a Bobcat running fulltime in the next door neighbor’s yard, I guess I missed the excitement. Luckily I missed the voltage on the lift, too! If possible, I think this tower (four 20 ft sections) would make an excellent 15M support tower out in Stanley–my station location. We’ll see…

Today I finalized N4IZ’s installation, his rebuilt T2X came back. A few minutes of frenzied confusion, as Don had forgotten to re-install the control line to the Ameritron switchbox. So…I’ll have to go back tomorrow & re-install the weather-proofing I cut off today (I ran out of 130C). TH-11 & log periodic for VHF look good up there….

stay tuned

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