The Week In Review…

Got K4VZA’s  tower base (AX-64) installed.  Don’s first tower. He’s anxious to some some HF, which is always welcome news. Planned antennas:  Cushcraft A4-S & Hy-Gain 4L 6M Yagi, both re-furbed take-down items.

Then Joe (KI4TZ) & I headed over to Myrtle Beach, SC, to build & install K2QWD’s SteppIR DB-36. Turns out his controller is bad–we kept getting a “driver chip error” message, & then the already-installed mast turned out NOT to be chrome-moly steel, or at least it was bending wayyyyyy more than any chrome-moly I’ve ever seen! So, another visit required. Joe & I will try to coordinate the trip with the Grand Strand hamfest, early in November.

AA4VV writes with news he’s progressing in his antenna building endeavors.  Off to State College PA tomorrow, where W2GD  & i will install a new TIC Ring at K3CR station, along with replacing some baluns on the stacks.

stay tuned…

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