The week in review


A more-or-less quick dash to King George, VA, to K4FJ’s QTH, where the order of work was to re-install his TIC Ring, & new JK WARC antenna. Luckily, the WX cooperated this trip, with lower humidity & temperature hovering right at 90 degrees. A far cry from my last trip, when it was, well, just damn hot ‘n humid.

Steve had taken the TIC totally apart & re-assembled it in his garage, where of course it worked perfectly. With some small prayer or two, fingers crossed, & some salt thrown to the Gods, I climbed up, we hauled up all the pieces/parts, & began to put the thing back together. This is always an interesting experience, because nearly every TIC Ring anyone has ever assembled is unlike any other TIC Ring anyone has ever assembled. Sometimes the differences are major, sometimes subtle, but in ways often unique, & sometimes profanity inspiring. This model drove me crazy for a while, since Steve claimed it worked perfectly in his garage. I was finally able to get it rolling smoothly & easily by loosening only the middle bolt (just a bit!) on the splice strengthening bar. Once I did that, we installed the motor & it tested fine. So it was time to tram up the new beam. The space is a bit tight in Steve’s yard, but once we adjusted the tram line, & put the tiller in place, it came right up & on to the cradle.

Loaded up WP3R’s Skyhawk & began the trek homeward.

Local work then another job in GA.

stay tuned…

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