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Tomorrow marks a return of sorts–back to Ohio, where I’m originally from, back to Dayton, where all good hams go (at least once, if not yearly), to the annual Dayton Hamvention, America’s largest ham radio gathering.

Dayton is many things, to many hams, too many to try listing or cataloging. The contest crowd (I consider myself a member) goes mostly for the hospitality suites, held each evening, at the downtown Crowne Plaza Hotel. These are great fun; they’re a source for inspiration, knowledge, and a way of finally meeting the person behind the mic or key, whom you’ve QSOed maybe hundreds of times.
Fabulous fun. Et cetera….

I think I first went in 1964, which I believe was the first year at HARA Arena, replacing the Biltmore Hotel, where it had been held previously. Been going ever since, except for years spent in grad school & the like. The event simply grew exponentially from there! Although the crowds have thinned a bit in recent years, it’s still an amazing experience. Like I say, something all hams should experience, at least once.

Sent off my presentation for the Antenna Forum this AM. If you’re a reader here, & not attending, it’ll be up on the K3LR website Saturday afternoon, as are previous Forum presentations.

While in Ohio, hope to stop in & visit my Mom, old friends in Athens, & other 8-land pals. Once back in Charlotte, there are LOTS of jobs awaiting my attention.

stay tuned

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