Tuesday Takedown…

Headed down to SC, to W4UNP’s place, actually, to take down Bill’s Mosley 40M Yagi, to be replaced by a Tennadyne VHF/UHF log periodic. Long-time friend K4MQG came over to help out with the ground crew
work. In a few minutes, we managed to get the 40M down, despite its turning over in the first few feet of the tramming down. Odd, the thing was like a KLM of old–flopping over all on its own, despite the CG being well below the tram line. Anyway, we got it down & the new little log up in its place. Overall, a pretty fine tower work day, with the temp hovering around 85 & some mild wind aloft, just enough to keep the sweat from being a problem. Bill seemed pretty happy overall. He’s eager to try some 6 & 2M activity, having bought my ten tec 6N2 earlier.

If needed parts come in, we’ll be down in Aiken later this week, working on the N2ZZ rebuild.

stay tuned…

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