After getting home from our last visit to NR5M’s down in TX, I was suffering from some severe pain in my left knee. So much so, that I finally let the xyl talk me into going to the Doctor. When X-rays showed nothing, they recommended I have an MRI. I saw the Ortho doc today, who rather gleefully exclaimed: “You have a CLASSIC CASE of a torn meniscus!” I wasn’t sharing his enthusiasm, but he assured me although surgery is required to repair this, that I’d only be out of work for a month. Indeed, he started me on PT today.
It also remains to be seen when I actually schedule the surgery, as I have a long-standing list of work to get done beforehand….

Plus, there’s a trip to Visalia, back to TX, up to MD & then on to NY…then back home to jobs in SC/NC, et cetera.

I guess the only thing one can say in reaction to this is something like “Getting old’s a bitch” or some such. Beats the alternative, however.

stay tuned

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