Under The WX

The day dawned just like usual. Except I found myself
(just like in the commercial), with an achy, stuffy, congested, sick all over feeling–some
sort of bug, I guess. Spent the day half-asleep or groggy or otherwise unfocused. Even hurt to READ, for God sakes! Loaded up on over-the-counter meds:
Zicam, Mucinex, lots of Vitamin C, et cetera. Finally gave in & went to bed at 3PM, got up at 6PM, feeling a little better. Supposed to work on WA4GP’s tower tomorrow, but at this rate, that’s doubtful. Need to recover before the weekend, for sure!
Progress on the Ai0O 160M vertical project: all the ground radial wire secured/shipped from supplier in FL. Worked K5D on 18Mhz, even wearing headphones was unpleasant experience…
stay tuned

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