Up in N VA/MD working…

Well, the trouble-shooting of Hank’s (W4CYS) Prosistel was all worth it, in the end. It went back up this morning in the cold, cold, cold wet weather here in N VA. All perfect. Headed up to MD, but next stop client WA3WFA unavailable, so he’ll wait until Monday morning, after I do the 10M TEST at K4VV’s station. Spoke with W2GD about up-coming projects, in IL, TX, & OK. Surprised to learn one of my clients called him up for a simple rotator changeout, without first contacting me. Things happen, I guess.

Anyhow, we are awaiting word from K9CT. And the new orbital ring rotator from K0XG for the K3CR station, hopefully here before truly bad weather sets in. And material to fabricate the new rotator shelf for the Montgomery County (PA) Allied tower, as well.

stay tuned…

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