Have never listed or posted things I am about to do, or upcoming jobs. But after this weekend’s all-consuming CQ WW multi-multi effort at W3LPL, I feel compelled to write about tower work. The contest was fun (as always) but also exhausting (as always), considering the sheer focus & attention required for extended periods. Of course, K3LR’s 31M points to our 30.84M points…well, you get the idea. But at this level of competition, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that score. Even if it is about 10% lower than I recall from last year. Meaning propagation is on the wane, alas, & I do not think there’s going to be a peak “yet to come,” as some of the sun-following-fellas have predicted. We’ve been there….

Anyhow, need to resolve AA4VV’s only 2/3rds functioning C-19XR (it does not perform on 10M). I have made copious notes & considered everything (I think) & the only logical thing to do is tram it back to ground & go over it with the proverbial fine–tooth-comb & haul it back up & see what’s what. The VSWR on 10M is way high; the beam resonates at 31.3mHz. So…we’ll focus on the driven element first, but of course, the parastic elements need to be considered, along with the 201/5M elements. A true conundrum….

Then there’s the K4VZA installation. Then K4ATX, who’s seemingly dropped off the edge of the earth. Both installations need finishing. Then there’s K4YP’s repair work, which he wants to do in steps, because of the insurance, but it makes sense to go way out there (Hendersonville) & do everything all at once, etc.
And there are a myriad of other jobs in the queue, including going back up to Ohio to finish N4REC. Then there’s the trip to mid-MO to get the 55G tower & wrap up AI0O’s work…all complicated by the xyl’s up-coming back surgery, set for early December. How’d life ‘n work get so complicated, anyhow?

stay tuned, indeed….

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