Updates, tower book news, WX-watching, et al

Well, the temp this AM was a whopping 21 degrees. The local TV forecasters are all predicting a high in the mid-to-upper 40s this afternoon, which should help in melting the snow around town. Which, while it sounds great, leads to a soggy, sodden mess most everywhere, limiting the amount of trekking around one can do outside–leastwise and still accomplish anything worthwhile.

ARRL says they are selling about 100 copies/month of the tower book. I guess that’s good. A two year life is predicted, which is certainly more than the initial press run of 1000 copies, which is what they told me there were planning on. In any case, good news, I guess.

Watching the weather and hoping for the best in order to get back to work next week. Lots of jobs await.

Can hardly wait to see what SPAM this title generates…

stay tuned…

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