Weekend Update

Live…from Charlotte…it’s weekend update.

This Saturday was the “bigger” day of the Charlotte Hamfest, where I was selling off estate items from old friends W2YV & WD0FES. Interesting crowd. Interesting questions (some totally off-putting, like “Would you take $25 for a Mirage 220mHz brick marked at $200). Interesting observations–what we used to call voyeurism. Later that evening, the annual CDXA dinner event. Sat w/K4ATX & N4ZC & xyl.
Radio conversations interspersed w/history stuff. Quite nice. Food okay but the baby-back ribs were
kind of miniscule. But overall a good time. Back to Hamfest this morning where the only sale of any real consequence was the F-897 of Dave’s. Guy spotted it & RAN for the ATM machine! Delivered the cash to
Dave’s widow on the way home. Now to store remaining items in storage shed until I have some time to photograph them & post on QTH or eBay. Then the hassle of shipping, but so it goes.

One comment: Chastised for not posting daily here on the blog page after the dinner last night. It would be great if I had the time or energy or exciting thrills to generate that much traffic. Perhaps this week will provide something like that, as we’ll be back down in Texas, doing repairs at the NR5M station. It is raining heavily there now, so there are concerns we won’t be able to get the crane safely set up next to the big 80M beam tower. But I think by Wednesday, that shouldn’t be an issue, & some extra timbers should ensure nothing gets stuck.

stay tuned…

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