Winter Weather in the Carolinas…

The dire predictions & forecasts were all correct. We awoke this morning to a postcard winter wonderland–snow, & a more-than-normal amount of it, especially for January in the Carolinas, on the ground. We have a smooth five inches on our back deck. The frontyard has a bit more in spots. The city is more-or-less paralyzed. Everything is closed; everyone is advised to stay at home by the local TV station, which have all pre-empted their national programming to cover the storm. Having grown up in the Midwest, this sense of near-panic is only mildly amusing, annoying at times. But I digress…such is life in the South~!

LOTS of spam these past two weeks:  everything from hemorrhoid cures to financial planning to glad-handling compliments referring to nothing at all. The Internet is a vast, mysterious place, seemingly almost as fascinating as radio, when one considers WHAT may have or must have elicited this sort of traffic.

Work anywhere & everywhere is, of course, on hold.

stay tuned…

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