Contest Video Essay, A Look At Radiosport – DVD by K4ZA

What makes a proficient contester?  What makes a good operator?  For most of us, it takes years.  Practice, participation and persistence are key factors.

Contesters are a truly elite bunch who possess unique operating skills—things which we’re not born with and that are not covered or learned by reading any radio’s manual, or Handbook, or on the neighborhood repeater, or down at the local radio club.

Using over 24 hours of raw material, K4ZA has edited and collected the experience, wisdom, and opinions of 50 of today’s contesters in one place—a special, two-disc DVD compilation (VHS tapes are also available on special order).

Contest Video Essay, A Look At Radiosport provides some unique and personal insights into this aspect of ham radio. The DVD set originally sold for $40. Visitors to this web page can buy it now for $25, postpaid, shipped via Media Mail.

Running time:  2: 49

To order, Contact K4ZA.


5B4AFM  I4JMY      K1TO      K3LR       K4ZA       K6NA       N3OC      N6TJ       VE3EJ     W3LPL
AA1K       K1AR       K1RZ       K3ZO      K4ZW      K8MR      N4AR      N0YPC    W1WEF  W3ZZ
AJ3M       K1DG      K1VR       K4JA       K5LZO    K9GY      N4UH      OH2BH   W2GD     W4AN
DJ6QT    K1KI        K1ZM      K4MA      K5TR       KD4D      N4ZC      OH2MM  W2SKE   W4MYA
G3FXB    K1RZ       K2SX       K4VX       K5ZD       N2AA       N6AA       PY5EG    W3GRF  W9RE
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