The day dawned like any other. After making breakfast for the xyl, I sat down & filled up a legal pad page w/things to do today. All prep work for getting back into action doing tower work, & so forth.  Part of that entailed a trip to Gaston County to pick up some needed items. Upon arrival, I noticed tire tracks leading across the yard, through a ditch, & on to the property. Some very large rocks had been moved out of the way, allowing a pickup truck to drive into the side of the driveway.

You’ve guessed it:  ROBBERY #9!  With the house & shed secure, this trip they decided to steal metal. Several tower sections, lots of aluminum tubing, & the real treasure, all of my Heliax, were stolen. 25G sections & tubing are scattered along a path leading through the woods up toward the road, where they obviously parked in a clearing, thinking to bring the stuff to the vehicle & load up. But then the Heliax was discovered (I had it stored in an original model Charlotte City TOTER — the curbside trash receptacle. Once they found that, I assume they decided to get the vehicle ON the property & take all the copper. Several hundred feet of FSJ4-50, LDF4 & LDF5 were taken.  Four sticks of 25G are gone. The lean-to, which stores the lawn & garden tools, was tossed; I’m not sure what all may be missing from there. But so far, this heist tops out around $3,000. Combine this with the fiasco in Texas, & I’m batting nearly $10,000 for the month of April in stolen goods!

With the leftover items in the woods, I think some extended time on the property w/the 12 gauge is in order!

stay tuned…

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