April fool’s week…

Almost started out with a joke, all right. KI4DH hired me to replace his blown out G6/440, but when I got there, found his tower base was in sad shape. Lots of steel lost as it had been setting below grade for several years. I was quite impressed with his reaction–it was totally positive! He had several radio club pals there, and everyone chipped in & dug down to the existing concrete and squared up the hole, etc. I left them with explicit instructions on what and how to resolve the issues. And I was impressed when I got there today, to see all of them had been followed and the tower base is now not only above grade and the legs coated, but everything is plumb and neat. Installed new turnbuckles, new forged eyebolts and EQ plates, and tightened the guys (before they did not even REGISTER on the Loos gauge!). Then I went up and installed the new G6/440. Kinda disappointing VSWR on it at 3:1, but there are no adjustments, of course.  Replacement is the only option.

NE3Z called while I was at 85-ft, wondering if I could come to Atlanta, where he was at some club station with a non-functioning antenna. We’ll try to get his SC install done sometime early next week.

stay tuned…

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