August 4th update

Finally managed to squeeze in some free time to drive to NC mountains for old chum Scott, K2SD, who’s been having to compute where his Tennadyne LP was pointed, after high winds
twisted the beam around on the mast, along with bringing down one tree supporting his dipole, and causing the support rope to break. All relatively easy work (in terms of time), but a long drive nonetheless.

Luckily, Scott had the necessary tools (ladder, loppers, & pruning saw), which allowed me to make short work of the offending branches and so forth. Then a quick climb (okay, leisurely) up the tower, where I discovered he has two trees now hitting eight of the 10 LP elements!
I installed one of my little homebrew no-slip U-bolt configurations on the Ham IV, hoping that will resolve the slipping issue. To install one on the LP itself will require longer bolts, which I didn’t have with me.

Prepping for IN and then MS trips tomorrow.
stay tuned…

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