Blood, lots of blood…

When KI4TZ and I showed up at W2YV’s, to take down his 160-ft tower, no one expected there to be blood.
The damaged was leaning considerably, the lower guy set was completely broken, and it was pretty rusty, so I had decided to simply cut it down. Joe likes these sort of takedowns, as he’s never seen it done (I knew he’d be taping it….). The tower came over exactly as I visualized it, and we began the laborious process of cutting it apart. Somehow, somewhere, in the haste to get done by lunchtime, I managed to let a cut-apart section fall on to my left hand. This was not particularly painful, or anything, but suddenly there was blood everywhere. lots of it! I had managed to tear open the back of my hand. And with the Plavixx and aspirin regiment (I have two stents in my heart), there was no sign of the blood letting up or clotting. So….despite misgivings, I headed to the University hospital to get things sewn back together. Ten stitches later, I drove home.

This AM, the pain woke me at 5AM. Odd, in that yesterday, I had no pain whatsoever, but I guess the bruising has finally caught up with me today. The hand is puffy and swollen and tender. The actual cut does not hurt, but my knuckles and fingers certainly do. (Seven fingered typing is about the best I can do today, so ending this blog asap…)

I have a note from the Doctor excusing me from work. As the owner of the business, I hesitate to hand it over to anyone higher up. Oh you get the idea…the whole thing’s a hoot, despite the pain & loss of work.

stay tuned…

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