Catching UP

Been a while since posting.

Focus of late is on the up-coming Shelby Hamfest. Hope to move some estate items (need to clear space in the house!).
Projects moving forward for clients KI4TZ, WN3R, & assorted others. Trips to TX, FL, MD/VA/WV upcoming.

Interesting correspondence with a HS media teacher out in California (Cynthia Green), who’s caused me to “think back” about my previous or former professional career, as a film/video cameraman. Jumped around from her blog to some blogs on her link pages, and so forth. Saw Julie & Julia over the weekend, so blogging is on my mind.
The best of them contain not just some random typing, or rapid-fire reactions or responses to things, but real reflective moments recorded for readers to enjoy. If you look hard enough, long enough, you’ll encounter them. There’s not a lot of them, related to ham radio, of course. These media or journalism blogs, as you might expect, considering the field, contain some good writing, & some good thinking.

The tower book is in the ARRL’s hands. Working on coming up with all the necessary photographs & illustrations for it now.

Lots of NC/SC work, dashing hither & yon. Silent Key takedowns.
The bane of our oh-so-elderly ham population….

stay tuned

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