Day SEVEN in Texas….

Was NOT a very good day…

Just woke up (it’s midnight here, having fallen asleep laying across the bedsheets after taking a shower about 7PM), & went out to the pickup to get saw batteries to place on the charger.

EVERYTHING in the back of the truck is gone–stolen! Left the ropes & the capstan winch. But all the remainder of my tools are gone.  Popped the window up & tailgate down & unloaded everything. I literally ran out of breath simply standing there, contemplating the situation. Robbery seems to be a pattern in my life–having my station location property robbed & vandalized numerous times since 1996. The whole thing rankles me just a tad….

LaQuinta’s attitude is a tad blase, too. No security cameras in the parking lot. It obviously took some time & a vehicle to load that much gear into, et cetera.

The next interesting question is how long it’s gonna take me to get back to sleep now!!

Otherwise the project here is winding up. Only 27 more guy wires to separate & coil up & stage & we’re ready to begin loading the moving van Monday morning.

stay tuned….

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