Down from Walden Pond

When K1VR asked about tower work, I never expected his QTH to be literally just “down the road” from this historic site. Passing by it daily on our way to the jobsite was a true treat.

The job was to install 100-fet of Rohn 55G, the old-fashioned way, one stick at a time, then put his 402-CD up top, and a three stack of OptiBeams down below, two on TIC Ring rotators, with the bottom Yagi fixed on Europe. Some pictures:

K1VR watches as K4ZA hauls up a section to KI4TZRohn 55G the old fashioned way, stick-by-stickHow to mount 22-inch spaced elements on 36-inch wide TIC RING (36-inch cradle)Fixxing sagging OptiBeam element-to-phasing-line connection

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