It’s Friday…

And an afternoon visit to K4SQR was the main focus today.
After beefing up the truss support & re-doing the Phillystran cables, we hitched the T-12 to the tram line & very slowly & carefully eased the beam past the tree limbs which gave us so much troulbe during takedown. Once past them, I raised the tram rope with the Lug-All while K4DXA held the pull rope secure on the capstan, & then ran over & began lifting the beam up to Joe on the tower. Overall–start to finish–one hour. And, the best news, Jim says the VSWR is lower than when the antenna was originally built, likely the result of replacing some of the rusting & slowly loosening self-tapping sheet metal screws with rivets yesterday. All told, a rather fitting end to the week.

Next week, the Florida trip, if I can shuffle in a visit to my opthoimologist as well.

stay tuned…

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