March comes in…

like the proverbial lion, apparently, at least according to the local weather folks.

But the forecast was changed (the storm is travelling slower than expected), so we are in the grips of something more akin to a truly pissed off house cat, rather than the king of beasts.  But I digress…such is the fate of folks who predict anything, whether it’s weather, the stock market, politics, or the whims of the public.

A trip down to Darlington, SC for a “commercially installed” tower takedown ran into one small problem. Yet another instance of a tower put up with a below-grade base & the legs being eroded over time.  It’s 200 feet of 25G & the three legs are basically gone; the Z-bracing is holding the tower up! We will be pouring concrete to secure the foundation, making the thing safe to climb & dismantle.

Long phone chats w/K1TO regarding a possible collaboration between us on an 80M beam repair down in AL. Dan doesn’t truly feel comfortable (yet) doing “big jobs” like this.  I am inspired by his confidence level that I should be so, having put up & taken down a few such monster Yagis! Every install is special, unique & different, but look forward to helping him out. We will try to schedule the work right after ARRL. I’ll be doing that this weekend from W3LPL’s up in MD.  A couple quickie jobs (site surveys) there right afterward (the weather there will probably prevent any climbing), then back home Immediately following that will be the Charlotte Hamfest. Once, again, will be trying to sell or dispose of the remaining Silent Key/estate items….

The week following, we’re trying to schedule another worktrip to Texas. This time, we’ll be re-doing the guying on the 10M stack tower—converting to all star guys, like all the other towers.

After that, the weather SHOULD be nice enough to regain some foooting here in the Carolinas, & catch up with the local clientele.

stay tuned

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