Began with a trip to West Jefferson, to install WK4P’s self-supporting tower (what I believe is an FAA tower, which I purchased out in IN & had re-galvanized). All went fine until I discovered the T2X would just not quite clear the Z-bracing. Of course, that necessitates a trip to the fabshop.

So, we left there & ventured on up into MD, where N3UN’s newly-revamped tower awaited the installation of his 6BA. We’d discovered we were short two pieces of tubing on our first trip & I’d ordered replacements from JK Antennas, with a week of travel time for USPS or UPS. Tracking claimed delivery on Friday, then Saturday, then calls to UPS’s 800-number on Monday told us the package was in NJ. Obviously, it wasn’t going to arrive by Tuesday at that point, when the crane was scheduled to show up. So….I drove over to W3LPL’s & Frank was kind enough to “donate” some tubing sections to the cause. The weather proved nearly perfect, with no rain & almost zero wind, & the crane arrived right on time. Once set, we pulled out the old water pipe mast & had the new rotator, mast & Yagi on the tower in one hour. Life’s good when things work out, eh?

stay tuned…

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