Sad Day in Happy Valley…

Met up with W2GD in State College, PA, where we’d been previously, but were rained out, doing the takedown & dismantling of K3CR station. Two Yagis remained, both 20M OWA designs (48-ft booms), one around 150-ft & the top one at 200-ft. They both came down without incident. Indeed, they both flew down perfectly, obviously much better balanced than the 10M or 15M beams, & even the earlier 20M beam.

Then it was a trip up the 200-ft 40M tower where the remnants of the K0XG orbital ring rotator at 180-ft had to be dismantled. With 300+ parts, it’s really a two man job. With 23MPH gusting winds, it was truly so. Our planned two hour time frame, stretched to three, but the climb took longer for each of us. (The former VOA curtain array towers are ridiculously rugged, but a true PITA to climb/work on because of all the welded-on tabs present).

Home in some of the worst traffic I’ve ever encountered.  I guess it’s the holiday, or the impetus provided by nationwise cheap gas pricing. Off to SC next, after the 4th!

stay tuned…

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