slow week

It’s been a slow week.

Started with the Charlotte Hamfest, where I was selling a bunch of estate items, which went pretty well. At least I was able to clear out the dining/living rooms, which the XYL appreciated.

On Monday, I finally gave in & went to my opthomologist for an eye exam, where I learned I have an infection in my right eye–no real explanation, just that it’s there & I should stop wearing contacts until the drops & goopy medicine clear it up. Makes climbing weird, with monocular vision. Trying to get used to glasses (after 25 years, that’s hard!) so next week in Texas won’t be so difficult. Lots of NC work awaits my return from that trip.

W2GD has surged ahead in the reviews race.

Progress on the tower book, although not as much as I would have liked, et cetera.

stay tuned

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