Some “family-related” news…or why ZA hasn’t posted anything

Early in November, while working up in Wisconsin, I learned my Mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was somewhat surprised, as she’d had it 41 years ago, suffering through a radical masectomy. Then we learned her care-giver was suffering from what turned out to be stomach cancer. So…I ended up in Ohio, while she went through the surgery again (never a trivial thing, especially at age 88!), just generally helping out, & so forth.

Then, in early December, the local doctors here in Charlotte decided my XYL  should have more back surgery. TWO surgeries, in fact, this time. One on the first day going in from the front, then a second the next day, going in from the back side. Certainly nothing trivial about that, either!

Those operations happened January 5th & 6th. And today Marti was transferred to a local rehab facility, very near the house. It’s not certain (yet) just how long she’ll be there, but we’re hoping some progress can be made regarding her mobility issues. (Prior to the two surgeries, she could walk about 12-15 feet before becoming totally tired.) Not conducive to any sort of “normal” life-style, that’s for sure. I know, I know, there are lots of folks suffering from far worse conditions, but when these sorts of problems come into your own life, you want them resolved. Quickly, and as completely as humanly possible.

So, for those readers (I’ve had three actual email queries, all typically worded like this: “Don, no posts in a while, is everything okay?”) who have wondered where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing, this brief explanation. I hope to be able to get back on the road soon; I hope the weather cooperates, allowing me to do that! Right now, the forecast does not look very promising. Again, I understand other parts of the country are in much worse shape, weather-wise. But you get the idea: I NEED the work~!

stay tuned…

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