In spite of my recent run of weird luck (I’m trying to be optimistic, & refrain from using the word “bad” here…), I’m fairly thankful for recent happenings.

This past weekend found me in Maryland again, sitting in a 20M chair at W3LPL. Doing the Multi-Multi shuffle once more. And ‘lo ‘n behold, when the dits & dahs ceased on Sunday evening, we were ahead of the pack in the MM competition! Oh-joy, et cetera. The even bigger surprise was it appears WE3C eased ahead of perennial winner K3LR. The scores look like this: LPL 15.4M, WE3C 13.83M, & K3LR 13M. It’s amazing, really, that a group of guys can sit in front of radios for 48 hours, ceaselessly calling, tuning, and trying to work (contact) as many other DX stations as possible, and then end up with scores that close together. Gives pause to the old “level playing field” controversies, all right.

On Monday, I was over at W9GE’s, to pick up some hardware I was not able to haul home on my first visit. I’d forgotten just how much Bob and I enjoy our conversations. We’ve been like that since my very first tower work visit there, I think 13 or 14 years ago. So…somehow…next trip I’ll have to somehow factor in some simple “face time” in order to share stories, etc.

Took nine hours to get home, hauling a load of tower sections, and the van loaded down with 300-lbs of AB-105 pieces going to Galvan Industries for W3LPL, slowing me down.

It was a soggy day, with the arrival of some much-needed rain. Got literally soaked un-loading the trailer, then going to the fab shop to see how they might do duplicating a K0XG tower bearing.

Local work this week if the WX holds.

stay tuned…

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