Weekly Work ‘n Woes

Well, the mad dash up to Culpeper to finalize the elevated guy posts for W4CYS went okay. Mixed concrete, then climbed the ladder and dropped it in using a plastic bucket. Slow but sure and steady.  So, the posts should be ready to support the Phillystran guys for the 55G tower. Put 100 feet of the tower together, but then the skies opened up and after getting drenched, decided to call it a day. Two of Hank’s old Air Force squadron buddies were there, as they were all preparing to go a reunion up in Dayton. I’m sure my presence spoiled their plans (but the weather would have ruined most of them anyhow)….

In the middle of the night, in pouring rain on the way home, missed a turn and slid into a roadsign (VA DOT placed it conveniently in the middle of the intersection!). So the pickup is in the shop for a few days, ruining any further travel plans.

More wasp stories. Taking this morning’s shower, I reached down for the squeegee used to clean the show stall glass and got stung by a wasp setting on the handle! How and where he came from is a mystery…this has certainly been my summer to get stung from yellow jackets, wasps, and the like.

off to Chicago in the AM to visit Marti’s youngest son…

stay tuned

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