What happened to February?

Simple question, if one considers the WEATHER? It’s been more spring-like that the typical mid-winter blues, with blowing snow & cold. But no one’s complaining, leastwise not me. Still able to climb towers & work outside, so it’s good, good, good. Not great, surely, but good nonetheless.

Home last night from a mad dash to Maryland, where I was part of the 20M team at W3LPL. Our 16.4M points seem to have gotten us past perennial competitor K3LR’s 16.25M. There was joy in Glenwood, after all. Conditions were certainly spotty, as the K-index continued to rise throughout the weekend.
The approaching snowstorm created very high QRN levels on the low bands. Despite the vagaries, there seemed to be a never-ending supply of Chinese stations to work this time out.

Home & focused on local client jobs this week.

The spam collection was amazing this time. Just under 100 collected junk. Too bad I can’t sell those to some scrap yard somewhere.

stay tuned….

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