January 17th, 2009

Despite the temperature never getting above 30-degrees today, went ahead & moved the old Heliax & some of the antennas out to the Stanley QTH. N4HN drove out & picked up the LDF-7 and the 220 mHz Boomer. Still have some LDF-5 short ends, & all the EME arrays, but KI4TZ has purchased those.

Back to the garage workshop, where I finished up four boxes which hold the wiring for the KØXG orbital ring rotators, one of which we’ll be installing next Monday at NR5M, to hold the 80M Yagi!  Missed FedEx, so one will have to go with me in the suitcase; the others will be shipped, 2nd day.

KA9FOX has done a super job in getting my new blog up ‘n running!

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