Adventures in tiny Stanley, NC…

Some of you follow this blog, some of you keep in touch via other means, meaning that some of you know of the follies & foibles ole ‘ZA has suffered at the hands of some thieves out at his Stanley, NC storage site. (I used to live on the property, with three towers, etc.,
way back when N4ZC & I were doing contesting in a “bigger” way…)

Anyhow, after visits on both Tuesday & Wednesday, during which only small items, like turnbuckles, baluns, & so forth were taken, I decided to stay overnight Thursday. It’s a frustrating experience–simply sitting quietly in total darkness, just wondering,
waiting, watching, et cetera. So, sometime around 2-2:30, I fell asleep. Fortunately, I’ve always been able to program myself, to awaken at specific times, or awaken to disturbances, & so forth. At 5:15, a noise woke me up, & I discovered two young white
males out in my front yard, loading pieces/parts of my tower works business in to their vehicle. Trying to call 911 in a whisper is not much fun, especially here in the South, but I finally convinced the dispatcher the call was serious I guess, because eventually the police showed up. The first cruiser stopped at the drive entrance, & aimed his spotlight up onto the yard. The thieves then promptly ran the opposite direction, down & into the woods, leaving their vehicle parked in my drive, with the motor running & all the doors open.  At this point, I encouraged their flight with some buckshot overhead. This, of course, was carefully considered before I did it, but naturally, took several minutes to explain to the dispatched officers. I won’t bore you with the Q&A that followed. In any case, by 9:00 I was IDing one of the suspects, who’d simply walked out of the woods in front of a passing patrol car. Turns out, it’s a neighbor–at least in terms of living in close proximity to MY location. No wonder they’ve been able to know exactly what, when, & where of the property.

A second person has been brought in to custody.  I’m hoping they provide names
of some of the other thieves (as many as five people have been seen trying to get through my gate & on to the property!). I even hope I might get some of the stolen items back, but realize that’s a slim chance, at best.

And I’m really hoping this means the END of this shit, plain ‘n simple!  I’m out about $16,000 at this point & need for these thefts to stop.

stay tuned…

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