At Long Last….a post…

What with that damn groundhog’s “a few more weeks of winter weather,” followed by some nasty bronchitis (for which, apparently & according to my family physician, there is no cure…), it’s back to work time.  Spent most every day last week at or in K4DXA’s backyard, cleaning up.  Got the old crank up (which has been laying there for 10 long years) picked up & put on a trailer W8CCW brought over, so he could haul it away. Delivered a pile of stuff to AA4ZZ. Finally got the old Tri-EX tower down & delivered to buyer in Winston-Salem yesterday. Still a few odds ‘n ends left to do, but the hard work is done. Bev (Ken’s xyl) seems appreciative & supportive, which I admire her for, all things considered. Enjoyed meeting her sister, too, who flew down for a few days. Just my type of silly & sarcastic humor-spouting lady!

Dashed over to K4SQR’s to find his Ham IV totally free-wheeling. Apparently could not hold the T-12 LP any longer. Trying to swap it with a refurbed T2X tomorrow.

Then on to bigger & better jobs, here in the Carolinas & beyond!

stay tuned…

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