Happy New Year~!

Only this time around with that title, it’s 2015.

Still recovering from the long (long) trip to Texas to visit XYL’s son & grandkids. Couldn’t even manage to stay awake past 11PM last evening. Sure I was asleep within minutes of head hitting the pillow.

Some up-coming work:

Fix K4FJ’s TIC Ring rotator; Fix K4MK’s four square; Fix W4TJE’s top 15M beam;  install new Heliax & vertical for FD here in NC; maybe instill a repeater antenna on a water tower for Morehead KY group; & last but certainly not least, go to Florida & deal with five client jobs which have been hanging fire for a while…

There are other jobs in “the queue,” but these are the most pressing!

stay tuned…

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