Hump Day, Indeed…

The old English major got a workout today. Over

at KK9A’s QTH, where we began with lifting the

final 40-feet of his Rohn 65G tower into place,

complete with the K7NV-refurbished prop pitch,

3-inch mast, and the star guy bracket and new

Phillystran. Almost 2000 lbs of stuff up and over

my head in one pick.  Rigging was a tad lopsided,

so the spud wrench saved the day. Then up to 150 ft

to install the 20/40M Yagis. Only 95-degrees, so

it was not too bad (compared to last week in TX,

for example)~!

Submitted the Tower Book MSS this morning, sans

pictures/images, which I’m working on now.

Fingers crossed for successful publication (or

at least reception among the general ham


stay tuned

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