Iowa SSV tower guy…?

A while back, a guy in Iowa asked if I could/would list or broker or otherwise help him sell a Rohn SSV tower. Which I’ve posted on the CDXA webpage.

But last Friday, had a serious screw up of some kind with my desktop (WinDoze 10). & the entire home page was simply frozen, I was able to get that resolved yesterday, only to discover that my email program, JUNO, needed to be re-installed. I’ve used JUNO since 1993, & alas, did not recall what I’d used for a password. JUNO would not provide that via an email (I could access JUNO using my laptop, but again, I’d allowed the laptop’s OS to “remember” my password & it of course was then invisible). Cost me $1.95/minute to get the info, almost like dialing one of those 900-numbers, not that I’ve done a whole bunch of that (I did, once, for a film I made–the award-winning BLUE CALL–but that’s a totally different story).

Bottom line:  I lost ALL the email traffic from last August forward. IF the Iowa owner of the SSV reads/sees this, please contact me asap. I have a potential buyer for the tower!

It’s always something…

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