Spam, Spam, Spam, and Spam…

Despite the title, this is not an ode to Monty Python & its swell skits. It’s a sad commentary, or something like a lament, for what’s become somewhat overwhelming. This page has received or recorded nearly 5000 hits which WordPress filters decoded as spam–worthless bits of, well, what…? Some of them are simple gibberish, collections of random letters; some of them are offers to sell me something; some of them start out in clever fashion & degenerate into complete craziness. 5000 times…that’s a lot of gibberish, offers, & craziness.

Yesterday I got an email of one sentence, 24 little words, that caused me to reply.  My initial reaction was that it MIGHT be spam, one of those so-called “phising expedtion” type notes, since there was no explanation, no preamble or introduction, no real data, although the email was apparently asking for my help. In short order, the sender emailed back to say he’d go elsewhere for his tower work.

An apology & attempted explication of MY point of view have gone unanswered.

Is there some solution to this? Probably not, as anyone/everyone who has a webpage tells me very similar stories. And 5000 random bits of spam turn out (in some cases) to be a low number. I am agog…

Herewith, this simple declarative sentence:  If you’re writing to me about possible tower work, introduce yourself, tell me what drove you to my website or where you saw my work history, of how you came to contact me, & so forth, then describe your existing setup (or what you’d like to have!), & provide some detail for me to react to–something about the problem you’re experiencing or changes you’d like to make, or what you think you need and why.

It seems somewhat silly to describe such needs in this manner, but one of my favorite things about actually DOING tower work is helping people. Provide me with some information or data & I’m more than willing to come up with an opinion. Without your input, I can’t ever have one.


Finished W7WZ’s 40M tower install today. Later this week, after Turkey Day, we hope to get the C-31 trammed up the 1st tower, then the 40M beam up on the one we finished today. John’s happy he can now have the final inspection. I’m happy we’re ready to get the beams up! Other work this coming week: pick up some salvaged Heliax, drop off some tower sections for regalvanizing, rotator changeout, oil/lube the pickup & then prep for the upcoming trip back to K9CT in Peoria.

stay tuned…

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