Relaxing in the Carolinas…

Ahhhh, some much-needed peace ‘n quiet.

Well, not really. Spent the morning out in Gaston County unloading & stacking/sorting the salvaged Heliax from N4HB tower takedown. Then loaded up all the 25G/45G tower sections which needed re-galvanizing & hauled it to Galvan Industries this afternoon, which is our local re-galvanizing plant. It’s always nice to receive recognition (I guess) & the yard manager said, “Hey, you’re the guy who’s sending all those radio towers to us!”when I weighed in at the scales. (I’ve referred several clients to them this past year…)

If I’d had more time, I think I would have brought along the AERMOTOR tower sections. I still harbor a fantasy of one day getting that back in the air. Right now it’s simply painted good old Rustoleum RED, but it would look great re-galvanized. The rates are certainly attractive enough.

Next up, I have to get serious about getting the storage building put up out there, & the property cleaned up, & begin real, level-headed thinking about building a house on the property. As usual, there are not enough hours in the day….

CQWW is this weekend. First time I’m not involved in a serious effort since 1988, but am hanging around the house to promote domestic tranquility. Meaning making the XYL happy (or trying to). Nice chat w/W2GD via Skype this AM (he’s on Aruba, getting his station ready for WW). Hopefully I can work him even w/my peanut whistle signal & half-broken R7, etc. Foreboding WX report from K9CT this evening, temps slipping down in to the 20s there in IL, brrrrrrrr….  It was 65 here today.

stay tuned…

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