Fumble in SC…

I just knew we were gonna have trouble trying to tram up W7WZ’s C-31, & that proved to be the case. With only 80 feet from the tower base to the tram anchor point, we were not able to get the beam past the second guy set.  So, tomorrow, we going to remove some elements, haul it straight up the tower, & try the old “corkscrew around the guys” method to get the beam on the tower.  And, knowing this, we won’t even ATTEMPT tramming the 2L shorty forty up, since it has 58-foot elements! It will be more cumbersome but should corkscrew okay.

The day wasn’t a total loss, as we did get new Phillystram catenaries/trusses installed on the booms & elements, replacing the galvanized aircraft cable.

Stay tuned for more SC follies tomorrow~!

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