Sunday 01/11/10

Today’s date? A palindrome…neat~!

Home again at midnight, from another work week in Texas. More NR5M rebuilding. The focus this trip was to have been refurbishing the old 15M multiplier tower & the 10M stack tower. But that’s not how things turned out….

Spent considerable time fixing, fussing, & diagnosing problems with the 2M EME array. Turns out to have been a failed phasing harness line. Broke two power dividers dianosing the problem. They are, in a word. very poorly constructed IMHO….

Then, we took down the old 10M beam atop the Hy-Gain crank up tower, and put up the new 432/1296 Yagis. Those are temporary installs–just to see the ops through the VHF contest. Then, we’ll restring that tower w/new stainless aircraft cable & STACK two pairs of 432/1296 Yagis up there on some sort of non-metallic mast!

It rained for the final four day so the week, so work was never fun.

The old TA-25s were modified & installed on that old 15M mult tower, however, so it’s now star-guyed, like every other tower on the ranch. 25G looks very impressive star-guyed….no longer a baby tower, hi hi…

Got home to Charlotte in, what else, pouring rain! I’m truly, truly tired of rain.

stay tuned

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