Surprise, surprise, surprise….as Gomer used to say

The old Dodge Dakota was just super reliable–going to 333,000 miles, when I finally decided it was time to let go. Joe, KI4TZ, bought it & it’s still going strong. The only things ever done were oil changes (ever 3000 miles), new tires, battery, and brakes.

The new Dodge Promaster van (2500 series), which I like, & which means I never have to crawl up into the truck bed on my hands & knees ever again, went back to the dealer this morning. A couple small issues:  I kept getting a “low brake fluid warning” whenever I slowed or stopped, & the outside temperature gauge was no longer working. And yesterday, the AC stopped. With temps in the mid-90s, it’s like riding in a sauna, so obviously something had to be done. Well…the warning light was an indication the brake pads (drums all around) needed replacing. Frustrating, as I checked the fluid level about 17 times.  The temp sensor (it’s in the driver’s side mirror) was the cause of the non-working AC. The AC itself is fine. Imagine my surprise learning this was over $2000 worth of repairs~! (The mirror has to be replaced; it’s $500 all by itself.)

Too bad I couldn’t simply take it to Gomer’s garage. Me thinks he or Goober might have been able to help. For at least a little less.  Sheeesh…

stay tuned…

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