The WEEK in Review…

Well, a real estate agent called & wanted to hire me to remove a tower, to be paid by a local bank. Shared digital photos & descriptions showed a Rohn 25G (said to be 50 ft), so it looked like an easy job. Ha! I should know (by now, my God) never NOT to do or include a site survey in bids. The tower was not installed correctly (90 ft, w/the guys out only 40 feet), & some clever but weird Phillystran potting head ends, & more rust than I’ve seen in many a year. The rust was actually the most damaging & dangerous aspect of the whole job. The mast would not budge, period. So…it was necessary to cut it down. 21 feet of Schedule 40 water pipe, with perhaps two feet inside the tower. There was a time (when I was a strapping young man) that I could have (& world have) held that over my head after sawing through it–even with an H-frame of 2M Boomers, a TH-3 & a 2M vertical stacked on it. Alas, I failed to do that this time out & it snapped right through the topmost Phillystran guy cable. Needless to say, this created a wild ride atop the tower & some elevated blood pressure & intense internal puckering~!  So, it was time to stop working & retrieve some real EHS from my storage site. I jumped the temp guys down the tower as we progressed. More rust, more delays, more struggling to get things apart, et cetera.

But all worked out in the end.

Next up? K4MK’s 80M Yagi workup–trying to figure out a plan or attack on the needed repairs.

stay tuned…

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