Saturday wrap-up

Headed to NC mountains today. First stop at QTH of old pal K2SD, whose Tennadyne log periodic was acting funny. After some juggling around w/the assorted feedline jumpers into the shack, we decided to replace the coax. Once atop the tower, I discovered the cheap PL-258 (UHF double female) had failed–a common occurrence with them. Replaced that as well as the old 9913 coax. Much improved, although still not perfect.

Then a quick dash back over to WK4P’s to retrieve my trailer and tools. Adam had gotten the 14 ft elevated guy post filled with concrete today, so we can now stack tower sections, and install the Mosley beam in a few weeks, when everything’s finished curing.

Had to drive back over to K2SD’s (Scott called to tell me I had left my soldering toolbox in his garage), which was on the way home anyhow.

No thefts at the storage site while up in Ohio. and, another check received today for “the recovery fund,” which is truly a humbling experience–to open an envelope and read a few lines of encouragement from a fellow ham, Restores (somewhat) my faith in the genuine goodness of folks, which I admit, has taken a turn south with these robberies.

stay tuned….

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