In the Buckeye State, once more…

Well, the annual Dayton Hamvention is behind us, and thoughts and planning can resume on the more mundane workaday world aspects of life–like earning a living doing tower work. While no new clients or jobs emerged from the ritual gathering there in Dayton, there were a few queries, a few “what would it cost” type questions, and so forth. This year, I taught a couple of classes at the Contest University on Thursday, and was very pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and engery I encountered.  A true treat.

Stopped off in Athens on the return leg home, to visit with old Film School faculty pals. Two of my favorite conversationalist friends, so that’s a true treat. Heading homeward later tonight. As usual, it’s raining in Athens, and apparently over much of the state. The weather ruined work plans yesterday at W8AV’s, for example, which we’re rescheduled for next month.

stay tuned…

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