The Week Winds Down…

And I’m still in Charlotte…still waiting & wondering when the rain & the lousy weather will cease & desist, et cetera~! If it’s not raining, it’s below freezing.

Fortunately, I have the tower book MSS to work on. Been revising & adding to that all week. Opened the laptop case in Texas last week, to find a hole punched in the screen.
Not good. No idea how or where THAT took place (there’s only the smallest mark on the briefcase I carried it in), but the laptop looks like it was hit by a forklift or something. K4DXA picked it up last night at the CDXA Xmas dinner, & has promised to try & recover the data off the HD for me, which will be great, since I’ve stupidly misplaced two of the memory sticks I used to write the book–juggling them around as I wrote the book on the laptop & downloaded info, etc. from the desktop computer upstairs, & so forth. Then, I’d download the finished chapters on to yet another memory stick, thinking this would truly function as a foolproof system. It would have, had I not been foolish.
Much progress this weeek, despite that….

IF/when the WX breaks, tower work will resume, as there’s local client jobs, & that earnest & patient guy out in 0-land, wanting a 160M vertical.

stay tuned…

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