A Little Commercial….work, that is…

With a surprisingly good forecast (65 degrees, at the end of January!), we headed down to Atlanta, where the order of business was removing a 100-ft tower from the roof of a commercial laundry facility, located near downtown, so that a local roofing contractor (our client), could install a new roof.

Well, the forecast turned out to be correct, as did the tower–10 sticks of 25G, more-or-less adequately installed, but turned out to be the single most rusted tower within my work experience. Simply amazing. Not sure if it was simply age, or if something in the air from the laundry’s numerous roof outlets were a factor, but just one big brown hunk of metal, all told. And when it took about 15 minutes to remove the top section, I was worried we’d be there most all day and perhaps part of the next. But after that, things came apart fairly easily, and we were done in six hours.  Client sat in the parking lot watching the last hour or so, and seemed pleased.

Drove home that night, and finally got the order for a new Dodge Promaster van established with Hendrick Motors the following day. Another swell, wonderful, awe-inspiring car buying experience….all right, the less said the better.

Raining today, and the forecast for next week already does not look promising, so may be able to get up to Ohio to visit my Mother, who’s supposed to get back to her house from the nursing home.

stay tuned…

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