Happy New Year~!

The plan was to head to K4MK’s QTH, in Lexington, NC, to take down his Create 2L 80M Yagi, then install a new wire four square system off the then-empty tower. Kent is about two hours away, so there simply wasn’t enough hours of daylight to get everything done. But…we did get the big Yagi down, with nothing damaged, no one injured, etc. All in all, a good day. We were hampered by having too little room, along with an extremely short tram distance, and therefore a very steep angle on the tram line. Rigging took an hour (as usual) and then it was time to see what we had….so the beam came off the boom-to-mast clamp and then off the top plate, beginning its descent. With only a little trouble from one side of one element, we got the Yagi on the ground. At that point, I was simply too damn cold to attempt hauling up the new four square materials and beginning to assemble them. There’s always another day….

40 degrees, Arctic blast headed our way!

stay tuned….

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