Winter…and some random thoughts

The temperature climbed up in to the 20s this morning, to I headed to N5AHS’s Salisbury, NC for a simple site survey. Mark has 50-ft of 25G standing next to his house, but has been thinking about installing a new crank up tower. Along with a SteppIR.

Wandering about the yard, waving my hands, & regaling him with some of the downsides of each selection, managed to convince him that putting guys on the 25G was the wiser decision, all things considered. Of course, that left me with the problem of convincing his XYL that she’d still be able to see High Rock Lake through that 3/16-inch guy cable! I am not yet certain I succeeded with that task!  But I digress…that’s the road we’re heading down.  Left Mark with a few antenna suggestions to mull over.

By 2 PM the temperature had soared to 40 degrees, so it was over to N4IZ’s, where Don ws experiencing some slipping in his T2X rotator clamp. The beam (a TH-11) was off by over 50 degrees. The clamp had simply worked loose enough that this large Yagi managed to move in the wind. I installed one of my homebrew “NO SLIP” clamps, after moving the second thrust bearing up enough to provide mounting room.

Once I had climbed down, I experienced a new (for me) task. Don handed me some loppers & asked that I clear away the shrubbery which had grown up to the 2nd guy station in the intervening years (2006) since I’d done the installation!  Certainly surprising to see the tree (shrub) had grown to twice its original size in that short a time span.

Tomorrow, heading to PA to retrieve materials for an up-coming job in FL. Hoping the WX forecast holds true–high in the upper 40s.

stay tuned…

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