Happy New Year, indeed~!~

Enough email traffic came in to push me over the cliff of total shame & embarrassment regarding my failure to adequately keep up with this blog. For which I apologize, not only to those starving pygmies down in New Guinea, but to those steadfast readers. Of course there are no “excuses” for this, but there were some contributing factors. The first of them was I had a serious computer virus, which caused me to lose lots & lots of files & data, including several WordPress passwords & miscellaneous outlines or drafts, including the MSS of my new book for the ARRL. I just never got over that, & simply more-or-less gave up on the blog.

Then there is/was the weather, which has been nothing short of ridiculous hereabouts. If it’s not raining or snowing or blowing or otherwise limiting the chances of safely working aloft, it’s my lack of help. My helper moved to Florida, & I’ve been hamstrung ever since. Tower work requires two people–even if that second guy is there just to call 911, et cetera. That’s a gross over-simplification, but you get the idea.

With 27 jobs in the queue, things are nothing if not hectic here. I’ve given up on the idea of doing work on a first-come, first-served basis (which worked very well for almost 20 years), & have shifted to a geographically-oriented approach. Meaning, I’m now trying to work in more orderly fashion, moving from client A to client B to client C, etc. This offers clients real travel time savings, even if client A’s request came in AFTER client B’s, & so forth. So far, this approach seems to be working.

stay tuned…

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