Joy of blogging…

Today’s spam filter contained two:

The first said I was totally blowing smoke, the second said this was a truly great blog, with useful information, et cetera…

Talk about your highs ‘n lows in one fell swoop, hi~!

Got some more work done on AI0O’s 30M Yagi–making all the adapters to transition from 2.250-inch tubing down to smaller stuff, along with the fiberglas center & feedpoint for the hairpin. As I was working,  old pal Tom Warren, K3TW, phoned from his new FL home, to bring me up-todate on his plans & activity, etc. He’s thinking about a MonstIR beam, so we spent a lot of time going over my published mods. I’m still searching for a series of pictures; just have to find the CD-ROM where I stored them all…

Loading the trailer tomorrow for the trip to TN & WB4YDL’s installation.

October QST is supposedly out with an ad detailing the new tower book: Antenna Towers for Radio Amateurs, at long last!

stay tuned

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