Back in NC once more…

The spam box was loaded up after this trip. Weird remarks, off0 topics posts, ads, complaints (why’d you remove my comment?), et cetera…

Anyhow, this trip up Nawth took me to N3EON’s, where we finally resolved his KT34 issues–it was the simple rotator loop that had failed. Then to W3CIM’s, where a new (smaller) winch was required on his MA-40, & then repaired the new T-8 log periodic. I’d shifted the elements (which MUST alternate on the boom) incorrectly in the original build & never noticed it. So it only worked on 20M, the longest elements which were mounted right. Even the pros make a mistake…then moved to W4RM”s, where all the bolts had fallen from his Orion 2800. Luckily Bill had noticed them laying on the ground & recovered them. (This is a common 2800 problem, by the way) I installed them with some Thread-Locker. We’re getting a new plate drilled for ALL SIX holes (not the standard Hy-Gain-drilled four hhole plate.

Then over to WA2BCK’s & a final layout of his tower, which will include elevated guy posts, etc. Met his neighbor, K3AX, who helped.

Then down to Blacksburg for a quick trip up NI1N’s tower to repair HIS rotation loop. Then home…

Tomorrow, back to work on AI0O’s 30M Yagi build.

Then…over to TN for WB4YDL’s installs…?

stay tuned

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